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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Rebel with a Cause

Bombs blame belittling bullying 
won't get us anywhere but further 
more divided
puffed up and scared
more full of mean. We teach our children 
to be kind, accepting, humble - 
to be fair, to share, yet 
our wannabe leaders are throwing sticks 
and hate.
Hello world
are you listening? Would you 
join me in being a rebel? A rebel 
whose only cause is to soften, to open
to inch closer to one another, to reach across
miles, masks, colors, borders, labels, parties
to see the other, despite - despite 
Our world is begging us 
to rebel against hate, to set down 
the sticks and run toward 
love - to vote for the only cause
that will save us

*Photo found on Pinterest

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