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Thursday, May 31, 2018

No Such Thing As Other

No Such Thing As Other

It is a perfect evening for a walk. You
and the river by my side—trees,
birds, breath, sky
filling us with color and song.
As we walk by the old homeless
couple, sitting on the riverside
bench, the woman points to my sandals. With words
I almost can’t hear, she says—I like your shoes.
Her smile reveals only a handful
of teeth, tiny rotting apples just about
to fall. The old man doesn’t speak with words
but with a grin that splashes everything
warmer, lighter.
I want to know their story, want to know
how, even without beds or roofs or bank accounts
or titles or stylish new sandals,
they show us that come as you are
is the truest meaning of beautiful.
After we chat about the upcoming
weekend weather, she says,
Happy Mother’s Day. Words that feel
more like thank you and—
we’re in this together.
We walk away with bigger
hearts—doors swung open
to let the other in. Four people sharing
the same breath and sky, filled full
with something that feels like
the truest meaning of home.
I am still floating in their warmth, bowing
to every mile walked in their old,
tired shoes, thanking them for inviting us
to sit for a while by their fire—for reminding
us that there is no such thing
as other.
©Julia Fehrenbacher

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