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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Holy Liberation

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Happy 2019 to you!
I hope the beginning of this new year feels free and fresh and full of possibility (because it is).
My newest poem (below) is a reflection of where I am right now. I have a renewed sense of resolve and a knowing that I am ready, so ready! - to claim/reclaim a true sense of empowerment, to step into the fullness of who I am. I see very clearly how, so much of my life, I have very much moved from a place of limitation and lack. I see how I have so often operated from my scared-little-me self, rather than my deep, empowered, aligned-with-something-bigger self. I have been far too concerned about what people may or may not think of me and my creations, rather than dedicating myself to full, FREE, ME-expression. Even though I have made many steps forward with my writing and art, a part of me has been hiding out in my comfortable place. But, most importantly, as you will read in my below poem, something big and important has shifted.
I am so very ready to stop allowing fear to be in the driver's seat. I know this doesn't at all mean that fear will no longer be present, just that I (my empowered, bigger Self) intends to do the driving.
My hope for you this year is that you know how truly powerful you are, that you take the old, worn out, limited, disempowering ideas of who you are and let them burn, burn away. That you throw out all that no longer serves you and become a true, brave, empowered, badass soldier for you own amazing heart.
In Anne Lamott's book, "Bird by Bird" she uses the phrase: Be militantly on your own side. This is what I hope for me and for you, that we become militantly on our own sides. I don't thing there is anything more important than this.
With so much love,
PS: I have been in the process of re-visiting my art and have been re-vamping my online Etsy shop. Several people have recently asked about my little wooden plaques (that have my artwork on one side and my poetry on the other). Well, they're back in my shop (in a very limited amount right now). This is one of the offerings I am most proud of - I just love these little pieces of art/inspiration.
PPS: Amazingly (and excitedly!), I am down to just 7 signed copies of my book, "On the Other Side of Fear." At some point, I will be placing another order, but, for now, this is all that's left. If you have any interest in owning a copy for yourself (or giving it to someone you love), maybe one of the last 7 is yours? Click HERE to be taken to my little shop.

Holy Liberation

Holy Liberation
I will declare it out loud—decidedly,
mightily, quietly, steadily, with the kind of fire
that burns through all
but the truest things.
I will howl it to the wild, midnight
moon. I will say it silently
to the darkest part of night.
I will gather up the flame, the fury,
every fear and fallen warrior, the tiny, afraid,
trying-to-be-good girl
who kept getting knocked down
and forgot only her own legs
could lift her back up.
I will whisper to her in the night:
You are a warrior.
Look at how far you’ve come. You never
needed to be anything other.
I will tell her, over and over
again that I am ready to be, that I will forever
be her greatest believer. I will promise
her with my pinky.
With a fierceness
only liberation can muster, I will hush
each voice that makes me feel anything less
than beautiful.
I will declare, claim, reclaim
as many times as it take:
With a roar that quakes and shakes
the whole sleeping world awake,
I will stake my flag to the ground.
I will be a soldier for my own rising heart.
It will be the most epic
homecoming ever.

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