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Saturday, April 6, 2019

Still, She Breathes

Still, She Breathes

She decides to return to the simple, 
hummingbird sipping nectar 
outside open window, pink petals 
lit up and laughing with sun

she rests her hand on her own hurting heart, breathes
the kind of breath that releases
all trying, all wanting, all waiting - all promises 
of saviors and some day.

She allows rain to pound hard
on all that no longer shelters.

She remembers there is medicine, 
the very best kind of medicine, inside 
the tender-sweet song of now. 

She remembers it is never not now.

She decides to return to the simple, 
rolls out yoga mat, allows each stretch, 
each bow, each breath 
to teach her all the secrets.

She whispers namaste to her own reflection,
and these words whisper back - 

It is enough to be you.

She lets a lifetime of sorrow seep 
from her tired, trying bones, 
lets it rest on the ground 
with every mighty 
fallen petal. And she breathes. 

Still, she breathes.

©Julia Fehrenbacher
Image found on Pinterest

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