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 L O V E  &  K I N D N E S S

There is something about Julia’s presence that radiates pure truth, deep wisdom, and the feeling that we’ve known each other since the beginning of time. Her ability to see beyond the surface, connecting with the Divine essence of who we really are is such a rare and powerful gift. Julia listens with her whole heart and helps me to see who I am beyond all the layers of resistance. Her own willingness to be vulnerable and remain true to her authenticity inspires me to do the same. Her presence in my life has nourished my soul and opened my heart beyond mere words. Whoever has the privilege to work with Julia will be receiving the greatest gift imaginable.   Alia Indrawan, Intuitive Guide, Writer
Julia knows what it means to get stuck, to be afraid, to suffer, but she also knows the way out, and gladly offers up that understanding, that magic to anyone who finds themselves lost or frozen.

Julia’s generosity is not only time, material, or wisdom.  She is openly fearless (feeling the fear but showing up anyway), helping others feel comfortable in their own skin and confident in their own worth.

Julia is authenticShe doesn’t hide behind a mask, a safe or acceptable version of a self, but rather shows up with her whole heart open, meeting you right where you are, just as she is.

Julia is warm. Being in her physical presence made this so clear. Standing near her, the sound of her voice, the glow of her skin, the way she would reach out from time to time and touch my arm, made it impossible not to soften, to surrender.

Julia is curious. She wants to know, wants to understand, wants to hear your story, to know who you are and what’s in your heart, to connect.

Julia is brave. Don’t misunderstand, she knows fear. But through love and gentleness, wisdom and a particular kind of power, she’s moved forward, heart open.

Julia is kindness embodied and manifested. While you might not be lucky enough to ever meet her in person, to be directly in the light of her full self, her complete presence, you can read her blog, listen to her Soul Talks, gaze at her paintings and read her book. You are so lucky, we all are, that SHE showed up
.  Jill Salahub, Writer at A Thousand Shade of Gray
You shine Julia... stunning, loving, kind, creative, beautiful lady. You bring a beauty and an acceptance that is utterly heartwarming, tender, and kind of like the comfiest couch you could ever imagine - I just want to sink into your presence and let myself be enveloped by it.  Thank you for being you.   Elloa Atkinson, writer, teacher

Julia is one of the most honest/kind/loving/soulful/sweet/talented souls you’ll ever want to meet.  Her class, “Getting Naked” is life changing, transformational.  I’m not new to taking online courses and this class was the very best I have ever taken, it changed me forever.  It made me look at others and myself in a different way, realizing that we’re all human and have our good and bad days but, when it is all said and done, we’re all on a journey to create the best life for ourselves and Julia can take you there.  Julia can guide you along your journey to look at yourself in a new way, to feel that yes, I am enough; I can create the soulful inspired life that I so desire.  All 40 days Julia gives you inspiration and the tools to find your own way so you can reach that goal. 

I wholeheartedly encourage anyone who is thinking about taking Julia’s, “Getting Naked” course to just do it you will be so glad that you did.      Sarra Enck

I loved Julia's course called "Getting Naked!" It was so inspiring, comforting, and nurturing, and the connection involved was outstanding! The format of the course was great. I woke up each of the 40 mornings looking forward to the inspiration! The combination of videos, exercises, meditations, poetry, art time, and Facebook page guided us to open up, cherish ourselves, and connect with others. Julia is gifted with a beautiful soulful quality and has a "very real and natural way" about her. She showed up being truly herself, which allowed us to do and be the same. 

What I learned most was to "just be ME!" I miss this course.....and truly appreciate Julia!    Linda Graziano

The Getting Naked class was a journey of discovery and fellowship—discovery of the qualities within that have remained buried under a lifetime of conditioning. Qualities like authentic expression and self-love. It helped me to take a brave look in the mirror, without the habitual cringing and passing of judgment, and see myself as the one of a kind beauty that I truly am. Let’s face it, when a woman feels beautiful the world opens up to her. The stars are clearer, the sky bluer, life is sweeter. That is what the Getting Naked course did for me. It provided me with a safe place to “see” and embrace. The fact that there were a group of other naked ladies about the place made me so much braver, after all, I wasn’t the only one afraid to look at myself naked. Seeing their vulnerability made me want to wrap my arms around them—and myself. I formed a loving connection with the group that I believe will continue to evolve.
I also discovered a love for painting. It was Julia’s confident coaxing, as one already standing in her nakedness, that gave me the courage to try painting. And now I love it! Thank you sweet Julia.

The entire forty days were pleasant and edifying. There were no deadlines to meet, grades being passed out, or attendance being checked. It was a come as you are, see who you are, experience, and I absolutely loved it.  Leah Griffith, writer/author

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