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Poetry and art by Julia Fehrenbacher


"On the Other Side of Fear is an invitation to shed the weight of your past, get naked and real and ‘wide-eyed awake to the undeniable poetry of it all.’"   
 -Judy Clement Wall

My greatest desire, and my greatest challenge, is to live wide awake, to live with courage and aliveness, to meet what is with the fullness of me and to nudge others toward the same. This book is my answer to that desire, my wholehearted offering from me to me, from me to you.  

My hope is that the words and paintings on these pages are like a hand that takes yours and nudges you gently inward--that the creations that have begun to free my wings help to free yours. 

With so much love,


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The words, images, and Love that resonates through this book will take you to places within yourself that you may have forgotten existed. Julia strips away the layers of false perception and takes us right to the authentic core of who we really are.   

I have been reading Julia's poetry since I came across her blog last year and it has blown my heart wide open. To have it all in a real-life, hold-in-my-hands book is just amazing. It's a soothing balm for my soul. ~Alia Indrawan, writer, life coach/intuitive healer

Sitting down with this book is like Julia taking your hand & saying, it's okay love, come with me, & you don't crawl to the center of yourself, you don't walk into your core, you don't even run, Julia asks you to leap with her. As you read the words, as you are falling with her, from the moment your feet lift from the edge with the first line, her words start to peel away all those layers we tend to hide ourselves with sometimes, our half-truths, our masks. So, you're reading & you're falling, & Julia is baring her soul. So she can see herself. So you can see her. All the while encouraging you to do the same. So she can see you. So you can see you. When you get to your center, you're standing naked as fuck with her, on the ground, feeling lighter than a leaf & loved, all those stories, all those layers, are scattered all over the ground & your heart is as wide-open as the sky

It's only then that you realize, that you think, but I don't remember letting go of her hand, but you did.  ~Amanda Oaks, artist, writer, founder of Kind Over Matter

Julia's poetry speaks to me so sincerely that I feel it in my heart, opening and healing me.  My eyes well up with tears, I am left breathless at first, and then somehow able to breathe in stronger and deeper.  Her poetry speaks truth and love.  It is divine.    ~Lori Porka, artist

On the Other Side of Fear feels like coming home … to the home you always wish you had, to the home you deserve, to the home you’ve been carrying around inside you without ever realizing it was there, accessible and welcoming, the whole time. Read these poems and fall in love with your beautiful, imperfect self; in Julia’s words, ‘slow way down/ get close and closer/ listen like crazy to your life.~ Judy Clement Wall, writer at

Julia has a way of weaving words that is pure magic and light.  Her poems will bring you straight to your heart, right back to the truest form of self.  She somehow knows our innermost thoughts and dreams and highlights them so that we'll never forget what we have always known.  In this volume, she touches on our innate wisdom, on both its individual and collective form, and brings her readers back to joy.   ~Christa Gallopoulos, artist, life coach

For anyone needing that little extra nudge to get Julia's book. I've seen it. I've held it in my hands. It is beautiful and precious, and deep and transformative, just like Julia's heart. There is an essence that speaks to you of something beyond words--like Rumi. Take a piece of her heart, and feel your world expand.  Brooke Meservy, writer at Bloomtopia

On the Other Side of Fear is the kind of book that you’ll want to keep next to you at all times. It’s like caffeine for the soul. Anytime our inner world is dragging a little bit and we’re feeling lost or alone, Julia’s book reminds us that we are all on this journey together – it reminds us that everything is exactly how it needs to be. It reminds us that it’s okay to feel unsure or afraid. It reminds us that we are loved.  Jodi Chapman, writer at Soul Speak

This collection is the perfect gift to give to those you love, whether they are searching, grieving or celebrating - or to keep just for yourself!    ~Christa Gallopoulos

I invite you to join me on this wild, bumpy, heart-opening ride of waking up to the You that is not limited by narrow definitions or constricting judgments, to waking up to life just as it is.

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Do want to hear all about the behind the scenes of this book creation?  Click below to listen to my  conversation with the beautiful Alia Indrawan.

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