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If you haven't had a chance to hear Julia Fehrenbacher speak, make sure you take the opportunity as soon as you can. Julia's words and stories are placeholders for something that we are all looking for, but which eludes us most of the time. Her simple, profound words tether you into a new realm for long enough that you can begin to experience the poignancy of presence in the freshest and most natural ways, that are soft on the spirit, and invigorating for the heart. Joy emanates naturally from her, and at the same time she is not afraid to come up against the difficulties of being human, leading the listener to new perspectives and possible outcomes.   Brooke Meservy

I have loved Julia’s writing from the first time that I read it. She has an authentic voice that seems to go right to the heart of each of us - her words hit home. Julia participated in some of my studio classes. She offered a poetry reading in my yoga class—reading in between the asanas as we came to rest. Yoga and Julia’s poetry are such a lovely combination - the class loved her. She also came to my women’s dance/movement group and shared her poetry throughout the class. She participated in the class, and organically knew the right time to come in with a poem. Not only is she is a beautiful writer, she has a wonderful speaking voice as well and an ability to energetically feel her way into a class to share her work seamlessly with where the class is at that moment.  What a lovely gift she has to share.     Lyn Radosevich

How do you describe the magic of Julia's words and images, especially when she reads them to you? She has us spellbound from the start.  Linda Medway, MA 

Julia's poetry transports your attention to a feeling place you know and love but never articulated to yourself so mindfully.  Her soulful insights paint words on images, and paint images with words. 

When Julia read at my 70th birthday celebration, guests had no idea what to expect but readily expressed their gratitude for having a 'living and loving' experience of Julia reading her poetry. Some guests who never went to a poetry reading before quoted their favorite lines and why the words resonated with them. 

Even the hummingbirds were rapt by Julia's talents and grace.   Catherine, Corvallis, OR

Everything about Julia's poetry and art is bursting with love.  Susan B. Bath, ME 

For more information about reading/speaking, please contact Julia at

Online Retreat

"B R E A T H E,  to me, is a life-giving combination of fullness and wide open space.  It is the gift of simply being still, of embracing just where I am, without a need to DO anything but simply *be*.  It's an offering of Julia's poetry that speaks to deep places, an outpouring of her wisdom that reminds me over and again that who I am is beautiful and lovable and *enough*, and her invitation to let those words live out in an active expression that daily reminds me of truth and light.  Julia's BREATHE prompts the most grace-filled opening to write... through a doorway held lovingly open for my soul to dive deep, and be held."    - Robin  Oesterwind



Ready to bring forth the treasures that are hidden within you? 



is an eleven week, (self-directed) retreat for your spirit.


B R E A T H E 

▪ is an invitation to slow way down - to pause, to notice. To take a break from the do-doing of this busy, full, often-overwhelming world - to question the mind that thinks it’s all a great big emergency (it isn’t).

▪ is an invitation to accept your messy, perfectly imperfect self, finally and forever. It’s a nudge for your spirit to start to LIVE with unapologetic brightness. To move, even with the fear, to even (imagine this!) befriend your fear. To quiet the noise in your tired, nagging head, to splash a little water on your sleepy face and wake up to you just as you are, to life just as it is.

Abundant. Messy. Spilling with beauty. Just right. Enough.

▪ is an invitation to stop measuring success by how much you get done in a day, or by how many people you please or by whether someone else thinks you're a success. Or by how much money pours (or doesn't pour) in. And to start measuring it by how much holy 
W O N D E R you feel and whether you're brave enough to follow that wonder.

is oxygen for your tired, trying-too-hard parts.

▪ is a quieting, a holy hush, that will help you hear that deeper, wise, knowing voice within you.

So this, I believe, is the central question which all creative living hinges: 'Do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are hidden within you?'" Elizabeth Gilbert



This is how it works:

 Each week, once a week, for 11 consecutive weeks, one of my poems, along with a writing prompt and a special weekly invitation (to dive deep and get brave), will land in your inbox. 

▪ Once you sign up, you will receive a welcome letter/video of me introducing myself and this program (within 24 hours). All "lessons" will be delivered to your inbox on Sundays (at the same time each week). You will receive the week one lesson the Sunday after you sign up.

▪ B R E A T H E   is self-directed, to be moved through in your own time, at your own pace. To the rhythm of your own deepest breaths.

▪ You will be invited to slow way down, to take a step back from this cluttered, often too-much world - to breathe. To write. To create. (I can't wait to introduce you writing practice and intuitive creating - two of my greatest loves.) To play. To lighten up. To have fun. To stop focusing on trying to be "good" and to start following your curiosity and wonder. You will be invited to baby step (or leap) toward the YESes that are calling you, that have been calling to you for a tired eternity. One brave step at a time. Just one.

My intention is that you will come to the end of this eleven weeks quieter, standing more rooted and tall & unapologetic in your YOUness. Braver. More accepting of the messy-beautiful ISness of it all.
More willing to say YES to that which is calling your name. Clearer about those treasures hidden inside you. Breathing more deeply. Accepting more fully the all of who you are (imperfections included).

Ready to begin to uncover those treasures? Or expand upon that which you've already been brave enough to uncover?

Ready to B R E A T H E ?


Click    H E R E    to sign yourself up.

I would be deeply honored to have you join me.
With so much love,


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