Life is not a straight line. It's a downpour of gifts, please – hold out your hand

Thank you for being here. I'm so glad you're here.


"...the next step is the most important step. Take it
now. Do not wait.

Take the next step. Right now. Stop waiting for a "sign"
from the "gods." Your sign is your intuition, wrapped
in your desire.

Hesitation is not a stopping place on the road to heaven."  Neale Donald Walsh

41 Days of Simply Saying YES!

My beautiful friend, Alia (from Inner Bliss) and I are committing to 41 days of saying nudges & whisperings and giving and self-nurturing and Love.  We are going to tell you about it as we go along.  We are going to share with you how invigorating and life-changing it is to deeply honor and move toward all that is calling us, to saying YES to it all.

We've been practicing this like crazy lately, and, I can tell you for's spilling-over-with-abundance.  It's life-changing and life-giving.  Holy shmoly. Please click here to read about how this all came to be.  Click here to read Alia's page.

I will be checking in regularly to share these 41 days with you.  We'd so love it if you'd come along on this ride with us!  Please feel free to share in the comment section or link us to a blog post.  Just say YES!  It feels soooo good!

Day 1:  4/30/11

There has been a flurry of flow happening in me and around me lately; beautiful, heart-felt emails being sent my way, Alia & my slideshow being shared and passed around, just the perfect words being read or shared at just the right time.  A beautiful woman & author said YES to my request for an interview!  She said yes and all I had to do was ask.

I've been listening to the nudges and saying yes to them (even though the fear continues to be there).  I am learning that the fear/mind noise will always be there but that I can choose to move anyway.  When I slow down and listen closely, the heart-voices become louder and clearer. 

Day 2:  5/1/11 

I wasn't planning on doing a blog post yesterday but I kept getting the nudge to do one about my run so I listened.  I'm so glad I did.  Waking up to words of encouragement from my dear readers made such a positive difference in my day and in my run.  What a difference listening makes.

Day 3:  5/2/11

Today was one of those super, ultra busy days.  I felt a little overwhelmed with the flurry of activity around me and the messes and the lists of things I wanted/needed to do.  There was some guilt coming up, feeling like  I should be doing it all better.  At one point, in the midst of trying to clean up a very messy house, I stopped, just for a moment, and sat with my girls and held them both close.  It was just for a moment but it was one of the sweetest moments of my glad I listened to that nudge to just stop for a minute.  This is the slow down long enough to listen and to stay present with what's right in front of me.

Day 4:  5/3/11

The answers are in the slowing down.  The answers are inside me.  Only I can answer my own questions.  Only I know what I most need.  Yesterday was a busy, running around, noisy-kind-of-a-day.  There was a lot going on...mostly really good stuff but just a lot.  I'm realizing, as life gets busier, it is even more crucial for me to stay present, breathe deeply, slow down and listen closely.  It's even more important to make my gratitude lists and take time for meditation (even if only for a few minutes). 

I am practicing pausing in the midst of busyness.  I am practicing taking deep, conscious breaths between it all.  I am practicing stopping whatever it is that I'm doing and asking for guidance.  When I slow it all down and just focus on whatever is right in front of me, I find my calm.  I see that nothing is an emergency.  I notice the tweeting birds, the budding tulips, the old, sweet dog who needs a pet, the giggling girls with their cute ponytails and sweet cheeks and freckles.  No matter how busy I am, I can always slow things down, I can always be mindful of my breath, I can always choose to focus on one thing at a time.  My inner knowing is telling me to slow down so today I am making that my practice--this is my YES for today.

What are your insides saying?  What are you saying YES to today?

Day 5:  5/4/11

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. 
I’ll meet you there.  Rumi

I am leaned up against one of the many oak trees in our backyard.  In the six years since we've lived here, I've never leaned up against even one of our oak trees.  It feels like such a sturdy place to be--it's strong roots beneath me (I hear oaks have some of the strongest ones), its trunk holding the weight of me.

I've had an extra long afternoon to myself today.  My littlest one is at a play-date, my older one is still in school.  The whole day has been about following nudges, one after another.  Mostly they've been slowing-down-nudges.  Nudges to sit in the field with the tall grass and the tiny daisies and the wild purple irises and chirping birds and buzzing bees.  My mind voices are still there insisting that I go do something "productive," I choose not to listen.  I choose instead to say yes to slowness and gentleness, to whatever moves me closer to the center of it all.  And for right now, that feels just right.

Day 6:  5/5/11

Oh goodness!  So much sweet yes-ing going on over here!  I decided to follow the nudge to take "Brave Girls Club" online class, called Soul Restoration!  My mind was trying to reason that I really didn't have enough time/money but I signed up anyway, though a bit late, so I have some catching up to do--I'm feeling very eager to dive in...pretty amazing stuff going on there.

Today I went into my little girl's kindergarten class to read with kiddos and when I was all done reading with them, I stood around a bit just observing while the kids packed up their belongings to head home.  While I was observing, I noticed a little girl looking quite sad--all the other kids were packing up their stuff and she was just standing there looking like she was about to cry.  I went up to her and gently asked her if she was okay and she immediately burst into tears, saying she wanted cards like the other kids had.  (There was the option for parents to order cards with their children's artwork and apparently hers hadn't ordered any.)  It was a very sweet moment of me comforting her and explaining that it might not be too late...she calmed right down and reached out for the pendant around my neck (one that I had made), asking if I could make one for her.  My daughter, Lily, had one on and apparently this little girl had been admiring it all day.  I told her that I thought she could have one and her little, sweet face lit right up.  This was one of those nudges that I could have easily ignored (and may have had I not been present to what was going on) mind could have easily talked me out of approaching this little girl...there's too much going on, they're getting ready to go home, I'm sure she's fine, you're not the teacher, etc....and I would have missed this sweetness.

And another yes!  In about a half hour, my girls & I are heading about an hour north of here to go meet Kelly Rae Roberts!  Again, my mind has been trying to talk me out of it all's too much to do with the girls on a school night, there are too many other things to do, etc, etc...but I'm going anyway!  

I am learning that my mind will always, always make a big, damn deal about pretty much everything!  It will always try to control and limit and hold me back, it will always pester and "should" all over's the beautiful difference!  I'm not listening anymore!  I'm just not!

Day 7:  5/6/11

Ideas seem to be coming out of nowhere and everywhere lately.  And what's happening is, instead of thinking about/pondering over/questioning the ideas at great lengths, I'm just doing stuff.  Sometimes, if I'm not sure right away, I'll sit with it for a few days, not with the idea of thinking about it, but with the idea of turning it over, letting it go, asking for guidance.  And here's the thing that I'm getting!  The clarity always comes!  The more I let go, get out of the way and open--the quicker the clarity comes!  Isn't that amazing? Anyway, I'm pretty blown away by it all.  And humbled and happy and grateful.  

My new "ZENDO" page is an example of one of those ideas that just came out of nowhere that I just decided to mind kept saying, you need to get more stuff, or just the right stuff, you really should wait, you don't really know what this is yet....but I didn't wait.  I just threw it up there with a big YES!  I think this yes-ing stuff is pretty cool.   

Day 8/9:  5/8/11

Things have been full the last few days.  There's just been a lot going on-- lots of sweetness, lots of chaos-ish-ness (yelling, fighting, tantrumming little ones), lots of household stuff to do--cooking, cleaning, laundry--the usual stuff that comes with life and kids. 

It has taken a serious amount of mindfulness to stay where I am, to not bolt.  Or to bolt if that's what really feels right.  I guess, though, it's really not bolting if I'm consciously choosing to take a break.  Like now, I have some time to myself because I made the conscious choice that it would be best for me (and everyone around me).  The nudge that I've been following the last couple of days, has been to quiet my mind, to not allow myself to get thrown all over the place by it.  It's not as if my mind hasn't been trying its hardest to get me to go to ugly places, it's that my commitment to not going there has been stronger.  And sometimes I just allow myself to go down the mind road for a while.  But just for a while.  When I pause and ask myself what I really need, rather than responding to whatever's going on from a place of frustration or lack or anger, I keep getting this message...just get quiet.  

So, I've been getting quiet--even if that means just taking a really deep breath or going to my room for some breathing time or doing a guided meditation...I know the only way I can get to the truth is to quiet my busy mind.  It has made all the difference, especially in the midst of not so pretty things. 


  1. I love this place. This explains it all so clearly. I'm coming back here to join you. So glad you are listening to what feeds your soul.

  2. I am so inspired by your courage to say YES to all this beauty unfolding. It is an honor to be sharing this with you my friend. Listening to the heart and soul - not the little voice of the mind. All of this is helping me to grow into more of who I really am. Thank you.

  3. I just want to tell you that Nige and I just said YES to inviting a stranger who is cycling across England to spend the night at our place. He said yes! So now, we have Barry from nr. Melbourne staying the night! Woo hoo!

  4. Oh, getting quiet...this is so key right now, Julia. A little over a week into our Simply Say Yes, and we are both being confronted with our minds wanting to jump back in the drivers seat! :) It's like a often gets more uncomfortable before it gets blissfully better. I am here with you, my dear friend, every step of the way on this heart-opening journey.

  5. I love this. Clearing and cleaning our outer space somehow magically creates a feeling of clearing within. I noticed this today as I was wiping the dust from my desk and sacred space. I felt so much better afterwards. Thank you for sharing this wisdom. Now to the exercising when I don't feel like it! Next step.... :)

  6. Day 11 really touched me Julia. I know these intense situations are so challenging. I am so happy that you are listening to the needs of your spirit and nurturing yourself a bit. Getting centered and knowing when we just need to get out for a bit - all so important and I thank you for sharing this here. Breathing with you and sending you a big Auuummmmm. Your spirit knows....

  7. Julia, I hear what you're saying, I read what you're writing, and I know that I need to get quiet. I somehow think that I need to wait until I've finished work before I get the 'chance' to do that, but there is quiet in the moments at work when I'm intensely focussed on the job at hand and not the 50 others things calling to me. I'm quiet when I walk along and look up at the trees in wonder, or when I put my attention in my feet, or when I climb into bed at night.

    Thank you for taking this journey, for documenting it so beautifully and for touching me way beyond my little mind.


  8. AAAhhhhh... those beautiful days that flow and let us know that life truly is so beautiful and rich. I can just see you painting and dancing and flowing with creativity, dear Julia. You're such an inspiration in my life.

  9. Julia,

    I recently paused and took some time to read your beautify words.

    “Simply YES” and “Zendo” are so inspiring, uplifting, and simply yummy.

    You are such a beautiful soul and a bright inspiration.

    Keep blooming, my friend.


  10. Thank you,

    I was touched by the part in your/Alia's film that says "what would love do now?".

    I've written it down and will add "simply say yes" as an inspiration to my life.

    My loved ones will have to contend with being even more loved!!

    Thanks for the wonderful words and inspiration.




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