Life is not a straight line. It's a downpour of gifts, please – hold out your hand

Thank you for being here. I'm so glad you're here.


"Spiritual awakening is not a goal to reach in the future. It is a deep and ancient calling, to radically open up, to embrace both the pain and the joy of life; to be vast, vast enough to hold both the bliss and the fear, the heartache and the overwhelm, the laughter and the deep longing to be free. 

To include whatever burns today in one big YES. 

To be what you are. Life itself. Awake, alive."    Jeff Foster

What is that thing stamped into 
your bones-that thing that won't stop 
calling your name?  

The YES Movement is for women who are ready, really and truly ready, to say a big, brave, naked YES to that thing stamped into your bones, that thing that won't stop calling your name. Or, if you're not sure what that thing is yet, it's about peeling off the layers of heavy that hides the brilliance. 

It's about, in Jeff Foster's words:  A deep and ancient calling, to radically open up, to embrace both the pain and the joy of life. To include whatever burns today in one big YES. 

Pushing nothing away. Saying YES to it all just as it is. Saying YES to all of YOU, just as you are.

"What do I get from this group? I get an adrenaline shot of what it is like to be creative, and how to let it flow naturally, without inhibition. Seeing everyone's imaginations and creations is encouraging me to step beyond my boundaries, to try things I haven't tried since I was a young girl - before all the judgements and criticisms shut me down and made me feel small and unheard. I get to sit in on some incredible sharing of soul stories...and learn from other's journeys. I am in awe of the positive compliments and encouragement and support that everyone gives to one another. It is like we can do no wrong here. WE can show up and be ourselves, without putting on any masks of pretension." 
Gretchen Givens 

This is a safe, beyond-safe space to hold out our hands and receive and give, to give and receive, this downpour of gifts that is always, always right here.

Last night when I was excitedly explaining (or trying to explain) to my husband what "The YES Movement" would be. He asked - How would this be different from your blog?

Good question. Let me see if I can explain...

I often have way, way more that I want to share, but feel I can't (or don't want to) share openly here in this space. I've wanted (but haven't been able to envision) so much to have a space where I can open fully and share with abandon. And to invite others to do the same.

This YES space is a place I can do that. A space where I, and all the beauties who join me, are invited to open wide, to love and be loved, to support and be supported. To BE FULLY just as we are.

It's really a space of great love.

 "Julia your videos are so nourishing as is this space. I've not been here a week and this is what was missing, this community of beautiful women who are all saying YES. I love it so. much. xoxo"   Sarra Enck

*                         *                         *

Okay, now for a few details. And there will only be a few because this is going to be a wide open group, which means I/we will be feeling into it as I/we go along. This is going to be a group that happens in real time. We will feed off each other's energy and feel into what's next. 

I don't want to have a plan with this. I want to let it all unfold with great, organic, divinely guided goodness.

"I have always desperately wanted to be able to draw and paint beautiful images as they appear in my mind, but I have never been able to. I have always been so wrapped up in creating something “good” that I rarely ever allowed myself to even begin. However, something is shifting in me these days, and it’s because of this group." Jenna Whittaker


*WHERE?  This will be a private/secret Facebook group that only those who privately message me, can join. No one else will have access to this group.

*WHAT?  I will be sharing very openly on the Facebook page, sometimes in the form of writing, sometimes in the form of videos. I will be sharing my YES-es, all that I'm moving toward, as well as the struggles that will inevitably come.  And inviting you to do the same. This will be a community of great, love-filled support. The rest of the whats will reveal themselves as we go along...

*FOR HOW LONG?  This group will be ongoing...there is no defined amount of time. I will keep this group open for as long as it feels right and good to do so.

*COST?  The cost of this group is $25.00/month. With the time and energy and love I am pouring into this group, and want to continue to pour into this group, it feels right and good and necessary that there is a monetary exchange. 

"I am truly overwhelmed by all of you. Thank you doesn't seem like near enough ~ but thank you. Thank you also to you Julia, for starting this group where I feel completely safe to share and not have to worry about the words or drawings being "good enough." You guys are helping me to embrace the power within!"  Susie Dirks-Gill

UPDATE: 12/10/14:  I am seriously blown away by the amount of love and support, giving and receiving, openness and REAL-ness, SUPERHERO BEAUTY that is going on in this precious group. I'm seeing that it's possible to live life in a fully open-hearted way, that really - this is the only way I want to live. Some big, powerful, love-filled, holy goodness going on here. Sacredness.

*****If you are interested in joining this beautiful space, please send me a private message letting me know why you are drawn to The YES Movement, and what you hope to get out of it. It's very important to me that this be a good fit for you, for me, and for the group, so this is an important step. 

I truly only want people who feel a deep, clear YES to be a part of this group. 

Please hold off making payment until after you've sent me a private message and I have responded.  You can email me at  

GIFT TO THE YES MOVEMENT:  Simply click on "donate," type in amount of $25.00/month, click *Make this recurring monthly*  Please note: If you're trying to do this on your mobile phone, you will need to download the app in order to make recurring payments. 

If, at any time, you wish to leave the group, you can stop payments whenever you wish. Promise. I only want people in this group if they feel called from the deepest part of themselves to be there. 

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