Life is not a straight line. It's a downpour of gifts, please – hold out your hand

Thank you for being here. I'm so glad you're here.


Like the Moon

You are here in this world
to Love
to lay down the swords—the armor
to fall down laughing, to swing 
amongst the stars

to lean into everything 
that makes your heart flutter

To live with unapologetic brightness

like the moon

*                *                *

I m a g i n e

Can you imagine what your life could be like if you decided to lay down the swords, the armor, opened fully to love and leaned into everything that makes your heart flutter?  

Imagine if you stopped dimming and containing the gifts that make you uniquely you and truly decided to be the fullest, truest, most unapologetic, radiant expression of yourself.  Imagine if you let go of the weight of your past, of all that no longer serves you and decided to step fully, absolutely, wholeheartedly into your power.  

Imagine if you started to ZING with aliveness, if you started to live with ease, passion, grace, acceptance, presence, softness, peace.  Imagine if you embraced all  of your messy humanness and decided to love yourself no matter what. 

Imagine if you could thrive simply by being YOU?

For many, many years (and this continues to be an ongoing, breath by breath process) I've been shedding the weight of my past, letting go of what no longer serves me and stepping into my own uniqueness.   And through my art, my poetry, my teaching, my book, the writing I do here on my blog and the relationships I have in my life, I've been nudging others to the same.  

I am ready, beyond ready, to expand what I consider to be my life's work.  It would be my greatest joy to play a part in guiding you back to the  S E L F you already are (minus all the stuff in the way), the self you've always been, so that you can see that  YOU  already have all the answers, so you can see with crystal clarity that Y O U truly are the one you've been waiting for.  

Sessions with Julia


about adding anything.  
or fixing anything.  
or about me giving you something you don't already have.  


about deep, deep listening and gentle, intuitive, in the moment guidance.

about slowing down & dropping below the level of the mind so we can access that sacred wordless realm together, that place beyond wrongdoing and rightdoing, where all the answers await.

about clearing all the accumulated excess that stands in the way of you aligning with your truest, most authentic  Self.

about you remembering that at your essence you are love. And that you are at your most empowered when you create and serve from this conscious, unfathomably limitless core place.  In a few words, these sessions are about letting go and letting love.

More about me

We all have gifts that are uniquely our own.  My greatest gifts are that I am deeply compassionate, my heart is wide open, I connect with people instantly, I sincerely, truly, with the whole of me, love working on a deep, spiritual level with people.  I love holding space for others as they open and expand and return to their sacred essence. 

For many years I stood in my own way and didn't fully allow these gifts to sprinkle their way into the world.  I suffered a great deal by containing that which was never meant to be contained and I know now that the only thing, the only one thing, that was (and is) getting in the way of me stepping into my best, most alive life, was me.  

I have always known that I am meant to awaken to my own best self and guide others to the same.  Embarking on this new journey as an intuitive guide is me stepping into the MEiest version of me.  This is me doing my thing.  This is me living with unapologetic brightness.

*          *          *

If you have a deep desire to let go of all that no longer serves you, if you are ready to step into your most authentic self and are feeling the nudge to work with me, let's do this.  Let's meet in that field beyond wrongdoing & rightdoing and thrive together.


*I do Skype sessions
*I meet in person here in Corvallis, Oregon
*Sessions are approximately 60 minutes and are $75.00.
*I schedule sessions between 10:00 and 2:00 (PST) Monday-Friday (though I'm a flexibility so if these hours don't work for you, I am open to making special arrangements)    
*Payments are made through Paypal or by cash or check if session is in person.

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, 

there is a field. I will meet you there.”  Rumi

Setting up an appointment

*If you have questions and/or are interested in booking a session with me, please contact me at 

*Once we have confirmed at appointment, I will send along a link with information to prepare you for our first session

*Payment is made through Paypal.  You will receieve a link for payment information once we have scheduled our session time.

I sincerely look forward to connecting with you.

With love,